Why go to Travel Shows?

Last week I attended three travel shows sponsored by three different agencies. The thing they all had in common was all three were overwhelmingly represented by cruise lines. It seems that the cruise ship lines have some amazing deals and are sending reps out to tell people about it.
The three agencies, AAA, Expedia Cruise centers and All Aboard Travel, each did a very good job of presenting a wide variety of travel opportunities to various parts of the country and the world.
When I travel I usually do all the research, planning and booking myself. After talking to several representatives of the travel agencies I might consider doing the research and planning because I enjoy that, then let them do the booking.
I was told that when planning for group travel the agencies can provide travel perks to the organizer. They say the perks are negotiable and any discounts can be distributed among all travelers.
Also present at the shows were varied tour companies with offers of complete packages to exciting or relaxing places in various parts of the country and the world.
If a Travel Show comes to your area in the near future….GO!
There is lots of information and many good deals for the Later In Life Traveler……..