Travel Solo–Change Your Life

Don’t be “scarrrrrred”!!!   Traveling solo may be a positive life changing experience but first you must be sure that you can enjoy your own company.

If you are one who is queasy about the idea of  traveling  solo, I would not suggest that you take a 14 day trip to the Andes on your first solo trip.   I would suggest that you start small.

Go to the mall, to a movie or go away for the week-end by yourself.  Take some time to get to know YOU!  You take yourself wherever you go, so make sure you are with  the “you” whose company  you enjoy.  With that being said, if you are particularly scary, ease into traveling solo by going somewhere you feel safe and comfortable being.  A three- five day cruise or a short group tour is a good way to start.

While traveling, give yourself permission to invite yourself to join a friendly looking  group or another solo traveler.  Don’t feel bad if you make a wrong choice and they turn out not to be welcoming.  Excuse yourself and keep it moving.  Be prepared to enjoy your own company.  I enjoy traveling solo on occasion because it allows me to be completely selfish.  I don’t have to consider anyone else’s agenda in planning my days and I don’t have to share the bathroom!!!!

Keeping a journal while traveling solo is a great activity.  You can have a written conversation with yourself and express your feelings openly.  You might learn some things about yourself that you didn’t know.

Travel Solo and Change your Life!!!