Personal Planning for Travel

In planning for travel, the later in life traveller must plan for their personal needs and physical condition.  The itinerary must be “body friendly”.  That means being honest with yourself about your energy level and your body’s ability to withstand the rigors of travel.  If using a travel agent, be honest with him/her in regard to how much activity you can comfortably handle in a day.  Be sure to travel with all medications, prescription and over the counter, that you normally use at home even if it is only occasional use.  You never can tell when an old ailment might raise its ugly head.   It is wise to be as kind to our body as you possibly can. That may mean assuring that you have a direct and non- stop flight or spending the night at an airport hotel the night before an exceptionally early flight.

Another good ideas is to apply for Global Entry and TSA preapproval.  That is done by going to and filling out the application.  Upon approval, the filing charge is $100.00 for 5 year approval. With this approval, you can bypass the lines in customs when traveling abroad and with TSA approval you have access to shorter lines in airport security.

Travelling can be fun for every age and ability. Proper preparation is the key.